• A girl who is a citizen of India and who has completed ten years but not seventeen years of age is eligible to become a Guide Aspirant.
• A Guide Aspirant shall complete the Pravesh requirements and will work for three months to the satisfaction of the Guide Captain before being invested as a Guide.

Pravesh Requirements :

(a) (i) A Guide Aspirant must have holistic knowledge of the movement
(ii) Have brief information of the origin of Guiding along with definition, purpose principle and method of the Bharat Scouts and Guides.
(b) Guide Promise and Law.
(c) Guide Motto, Sign, Salute and Left Hand Shake.
(d) Daily Good Turn at home and maintain a diary atleast for a month.
(e) Know the parts of Guide Uniform and how to wear it.
(f) Know the composition and significance of the National Flag, the Bharat Scouts & Guides Flag and the World Guide Flag and the Flag Etiquette
(g) Sing correctly National Anthem, Bharat Scouts & Guides Prayer and Flag Song. Know about the composer, duration and meaning of the songs.
(h) Attend atleast four Company meetings.Undertake a 4 hour purposeful outing with her Patrol. She then makes the Guide Promise to the Guide Captain and is invested as a Guide. She is eligible to wear the Guide Uniform and the membership badge. The Membership Badge is a cloth badge with green background with fleur-de-lis in yellow superimposed by the Trefoil with Ashoka Chakra also in yellow in the centre. Membership badge is worn in the middle of the left sleeve, as per diagram shown on page no. 175. The membership badge shall be issued by the Local or the District Association, as the case may be, on the recommendation of the Guide Captain.
• Guides should be encourage to do so that they acquire the habit of doing at least one Good Turn every day.
• The Promise for the Guide is "On my honour,
I promise that I will do my best
to do my duty to "God" and my country,
to help other people and to obey the Guide law.
" The word "Dharam" may be substituted for the word 'God' if so desired.

• The Law for the Guide is
(i) A Guide is trustworthy.
(ii) A Guide is loyal.
(iii) A Guide is a friend to all and a sister to every other Guide.
(iv) A Guide is courteous.
(v) A Guide is a friend to animals and loves nature.
(vi) A Guide is disciplined and helps protect public property.
(vii) A Guide is Courageous.
(viii) A Guide is thrifty.
(ix) A Guide is pure in thought, word and deed.

• Motto
:The Motto of the Guide is "Be prepared". This has to be achieved by being physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.
• Sign :
The Guide sign is given by raising the right hand in level with the shoulder, palm to the front with three fingers stretched together and the thumb closing on the little finger.
• Salute :
The Guide Salute is given by raising the right arm smartly to the level of the shoulder, palm to the front with three fingers stretched together, the first touching the forehead above the right eyebrow and thumb closing on the little finger. After salute the arm is smartly brought down. If a stick or thumb stick is carried, it must be passed to left hand or kept under left arm pit. When a staff is carried the salute is given with left forearm bent at right angle at elbow with three fingers open, thumb closing on the little finger palm downwards, the first finger touching the staff. When hands are occupied, the salute is given by eyes left or right as the case may be.

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