(1) The Religious and the Moral Policy of the Scout and Guide Movement is based on reverence to God or Dharma, as the case may be.

(2) The Bharat Scouts and Guides Movement is non-communal and non sectarian in character.

(3) Each Scout and Guide is free to profess and practice his or her religion.

(4) Each Scout and Guide is entitled to freedom of conscience.

(5) Each Scout and Guide shall practicetolerence and respect the faith of the other Scouts and Guides.

(6) Where a Group consists of members of one particular religion, the Group Leader may arrange if so desired for such religious observance and provide for such religious instruction as are common to the members of the Group.

(7) Where a Group consists of Scouts/ Guides who profess different faiths the Group Leader may encourage and provide facilities for the observation of the respective practices; but shall nto hold any common religious service or practice.

(8) In a camp or at any rally or in other function any form of daily prayer must be simple and non denominational and attendance must be voluntary.

Divisional Centers